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1.3.0 Released - Try Now!
OpenMetadata 1.3.0 Released Intuitive Lineage UI, Data Observability Alerts, Data Quality Incident Manager, Custom Metrics for Profiler, Knowledge Center Improvements, and lots more. OpenMetadata 1.3.0 Release Read more here.
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Run this command to get OpenMetadata up & running with Docker.

Copied! mkdir openmetadata-docker && cd openmetadata-docker
wget -O
docker compose -f docker-compose.yml up --detach
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All Data in One Place

A central store to integrate metadata from different sources in the data ecosystem. Uses standardized Schemas and APIs. Brings together the power of multiple applications - data discovery, quality, observability, profiling, user collaboration, lineage, and much more.

Helping data engineers win their time back!

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Data Collaboration

Fosters collaboration among the producers and consumers of data with all the data evolution in one place.

Activity Feeds

View a summary of all the metadata change events. Keep track of what’s going on with your data.

Webhooks & Slack Integration

With webhooks, register URLs to receive metadata event notifications. Set up Slack notifications to publish metadata events.

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Metadata Versioning

Captures the changes in technical and business metadata as versions of an entity. Facilitates data governance, people collaboration, and simplifies debugging.

Serves as an organizational memory of data!

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Data Lineage

Supports a comprehensive lineage for all data assets by capturing the relation between entities. Traces the path of data across tables, pipelines, and dashboards. Manual lineage helps augment the lineage captured from machine metadata with user knowledge.

View the lineage at each entity level!

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OpenMetadata's ingestion framework supports connectors for a wide range of services, and the list is constantly growing...

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